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I received a Sealit email, how do I open it? (Mobile PIN)
I received a Sealit email, how do I open it? (Mobile PIN)

If you don't own a mobile, you can still view our emails. In this article, we will be explaining how you can view email via the PIN method

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1. Open your Sealit email and click on the “Read Secure Message” button:

2. You will be redirected to your mobile browser and you will receive this screen:

3. Click on the “Setup PIN” button and you will receive a new window guiding you on how to set up your PIN:

4. Create your 6-digit PIN and enter your security question

5. Once you enter and fill in the information click on the “Confirm” button

Enter your PIN.

6. Once you enter the PIN, you will be able to read the message inside your mobile browser

That is it. You can now open Sealit emails with your PIN anytime

If you are using a desktop device, click HERE to see how to open Sealit email

Here you can have a look at how you can easily send your reply.

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