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In this article, we will show you all available options when composing a message on the Sealit Portal

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  1. To be able to compose a message on the Sealit Portal you will need to log in to your account and simply click on the New Message button in the upper right corner

2. Once the window for composing shows up, you will be able to fill in the details and start writing your message and/or attaching the files

3. At the bottom, you will find different available options:

  • By clicking on the arrow within the Seal & Send button you can choose to encrypt the body of the email and be notified once read

  • By clicking on the paperclip, you can upload files (maximum attachment size is 200MB)

  • Clicking the third icon gives you the opportunity to save the attached file to your Secure Space

  • The last one is the Self Destruct option which allows you to revoke the access and enable auto-deletion after a certain period:

  1. By enabling the Auto Revoke Access all intended recipients will no longer have access to the email and attachment (if there was one) in question

  1. 2. By enabling the Auto Delete Message option, email and attached files will be erased after the specified time. In case the file was previously added to a secure space, it will be erased from it as well

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