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How to send Sealit encrypted message via Slack desktop application
How to send Sealit encrypted message via Slack desktop application

Sealit makes it easy to lock and unlock your most sensitive messages directly in Slack

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1. To add the Sealit app to your Slack workspace sign in to your Sealit Portal and navigate to the Download tools section. Simply click on Add to Slack button and complete the installation

2. Once this is done, open your Slack application and select the chat you wish to send the encrypted message to. Before you start composing it, simply type in /sealit

3. By clicking Send the message will automatically encrypt and a "Decrypt Me" button will pop up

Note: Kindly have in mind that you or your co-worker might get asked to sign in first

If you do get this message, click on the Sign in button and it will redirect you to Slack online website to sign in and enable permissions

By allowing the permissions the “Decrypt Me” button should appear within your Slack chat box

4. The moment you click on “Decrypt Me” you will receive a notification on your mobile device asking for authentication to open the encrypted message

5. Once it is confirmed your message will be displayed

That’s it! You are now able to send encrypted message safely and decrypt it with authentication which makes your business information safe with Sealit App for Slack.

Thank you for using Sealit!
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