Via the Sealit Portal

1. Navigate to and sign in to your Sealit account

2. Once you log in, navigate to the Mail section on the left-side menu

3. Click on the received secure message to read it and type your reply

4. Once you’ve finished composing it, click on Seal & Send and your reply will be sent

Note: Messages received to the secondary account will be listed within the same mailbox. The process of replying via the secondary account is the same, however, the Subject and Recipient sections cannot be altered

Via the Read Secure Message page

Note: Both fully setup users and read-only users are able to send a reply through Read secure message page

1. Navigate to your mailbox and click on the Read Secure Message button to open the received message

2. By clicking on it, as a fully setup Sealit user, you will be prompted to authorize the decryption request through your mobile app, while read-only users can choose to either setup the app or to set up a 6-digit PIN instead

3. Once you have verified your identity the secure message will appear

4. To be able to respond click on the Reply button on the far right

5. Simply compose your reply and click on the Seal & Send button

Note: Have in mind the Subject and Recipient sections cannot be altered for replies to secure messages

Via the Sealit App

1. Once you open your Sealit App click on the received message in your inbox

2. Then, click on the arrow to start composing your reply

3. Once you are finished, click on the arrow in the top right corner and the message will be sent

Note: The same applies to replying from secondary accounts. Your reply will be sent from the account you received the message to. In addition, the Subject and Recipient sections cannot be altered

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