1. Once you complete your registration, you will be displayed with a Sealit setup tracker. Click on step 2 to set up your email and select “SMTP” option

Note: Please make sure the pop-up blocker in your browser is turned off prior to connecting an email. Here you can see how this can be done

2. Go to your email service provider website and find the SMTP to copy. The SMTP address should look like this:

  • smtp.office365.com

  • smtp-mail.outlook.com

  • smtp.live.com

  • smtp.aol.com

  • smtp.gmail.com

  • smtp.zoho.eu

Note: If your email service provider doesn’t support SMTP connection, don’t worry, you can still use our no-reply email to send secure emails to other people

3. Enter your email credentials (not Sealit password) and simply click confirm

That’s it. You have now connected your email with Sealit and you can send secure emails from Sealit Portal with your email as the sender

Thank you for using Sealit!
Protecting your hard work

If you are not able to solve the issue or you need assistance from our representatives, you can chat with us or email us at support@sealit.id

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