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What is Sealit?

Sealit is a Zero Trust data protection company whose primary goal is to help businesses protect, share, and monitor confidential data and communications while empowering business to operate more efficiently.

What can I encrypt with Sealit?

Any file using Sealit’s collaborative encryption algorithms that allows multiple readers to decrypt the files using their own keys (sort of like password protecting a file in a way that all desired readers can decrypt the file using their own passwords).

Any email using Sealit’s Gmail / Outlook add-ins allowing for single-click encryption, and biometric decryption without having to use passwords.

Which emails can I encrypt?

Any email can be encrypted – first-time readers use a secure link to access the email and can set their identities up either by simply setting up their biometric app using a smartphone or selecting a PIN.

Which email providers are supported?

Natively Sealit supports Exchange 365 and Gmail and has extended support for all other email providers via SMTP and IMAP connections.

What type of files can I encrypt?

Sealit is primarily designed to work with day-to-day files such as Office documents, PDFs, etc, however, you can encrypt almost any file type using Sealit.

Why do I need a mobile app?

Read-only users (i.e. your clients whom you share secure data with) do not need to setup a mobile app – they can set themselves up using a 6-digit pin instead.

Fully registered users need the app for our Zero Trust encryption to work fully. Your app carries your Sealit identity without which no one can impersonate you or hack your account to extract your confidential data. Not even Sealit can access your data without your app.

The app is also a great tool for approving decryption and login access requests without the need for passwords.

How are my files/emails encrypted?

Your files and emails are encrypted using a combination of symmetric (AES) and asymmetric (RSA) encryption standards that enable Sealit to provide a composite key encryption model (where multiple RSA keys can open the same email) and ensure a true Zero Trust approach with dual encryption layer that can only be accessed via remotely hosted keys (on user’s email servers as well as their mobile apps).

What is the limit of file size encryption?

Currently, the limit is set to 200MB. We are working on expanding this to 2GB in the near future.

How does Sealit manage my data?

When it comes to security – Sealit implements a Zero Trust approach that ensures only you and your recipients are able to access the data.

Sealit applies dual encryption, Zero Trust layer to all your confidential data. When you send a confidential email via Sealit, Sealit does not store the keys required to decrypt the data. Instead, the keys are distributed via your recipient’s email servers, and stored on user’s smartphones – not by Sealit.

When it comes to regulation – Sealit automatically stores your encrypted files in a location that is appropriate for your business. For example; a US company will be hosted on our US cloud servers, a Canadian company in Canada, EU company in the EU, UK in the UK, and the rest of the world is currently hosted in the EU due to the EU having highest privacy regulations in place.

Sealit also allows for private node clusters for enterprise clients. This allows the enterprise client to host all of their data privately on their own cloud tenant while still interacting fully and openly with the wider network of Sealit clients.

Which devices does Sealit support?

Sealit email encryption add-ins are supported for Gmail and Exchange natively for both Windows and Mac OS users.

Sealit file encryption/decryption is supported for all users via the portal, however, currently, Sealit only supports a native Windows add-in for offline encryption/decryption.

The Sealit ID app is supported and available for both Android and the IOS.

Why do I need Sealit?

To prevent that “OH NO!” moment when you realized that you accidentally leaked confidential business or client data, and to provide your team with a security tool that is easy to use and doesn’t hinder their day-to-day activities.

What data do you store from a customer?

We store their name, email, phone number, an association with their company, and optionally membership of company teams.

Why should I choose Sealit?

Sealit provides unparalleled security through our Zero Trust encryption design that prevents anyone (even Sealit) from accessing your secure data, and it provides the best-in-class user experience that not only makes security painless but empowers your business to operate more efficiently.

Sealit gives you and your employees peace of mind that you have done what it takes to protect yours and your clients’ confidential data.

Do you offer a free trial?

We are currently running an AppSumo deal that allows you to buy a fully refundable lifetime license for your business.

Click here to find out more.

Would I be able to make a refund?

Yes, with our current AppSumo deal you can get a full refund with no questions asked in 60 days.

What are the payment methods available?

Currently Sealit is running an exclusive AppSumo deal – you can purchase the AppSumo deal here

What is your privacy policy?

Here is our privacy policy.

What are the product limitations?

Files stored on clouds like Box, SharePoint, and Drive can be encrypted but have to be downloaded first to decrypt and work with.

Future releases will likely add the Zero Trust client-side encryption for cloud-hosted documents.

What are the benefits of using Sealit?

  • Significantly reduce the chance of that “Oh No!” moment that could cost you your business by protecting your most important assets with a Zero Trust encryption model

  • Empower your employees to do the right thing by providing them with a fully integrated toolset that operates where they do (Outlook, Gmail, Windows, etc.)

  • Be viewed by your clients as someone who takes their privacy seriously, without adding major barriers for them to access their data

  • Get an inventory of your confidential data and understand who is using it, what they are using, and from where – identify any potential risks fast

Can I use my existing email with Sealit, or do I need a new one?

You can use your existing email. In fact, all of the emails sent by Sealit will go directly from your email provider and your email address if you connect your email to Sealit.

Who can see my Sealit email?

Only you and your intended recipients. Sealit applies a Zero Trust approach to decryption which involves dual-layer encryption with keys not stored by Sealit. Therefore once the email is created no one other than you and your recipients will be able to decrypt it, not even Sealit.

How to reset a Sealit password?

Simply click on the re-set password link.

Is this GDPR, HIPAA & CCPA compliant?

Sealit is GDRP, HIPAA, and CCPA compliant.

What is your goal?

Sealit’s primary objective is to help organizations protect, share, and monitor their confidential data while empowering businesses to operate more efficiently when it comes to sharing sensitive data.

Where can I reach the support?

Support is everywhere. You can reach support simply by emailing support@sealit.id or using our chatbot on our website and in our portal.

How does Sealit compare to other solutions?

When it comes to the competition Sealit’s objectives are two-fold:

Provide superior security - Unlike our competitors, most of whom can actually read your secure messages, we apply a true Zero Trust approach to encryption. In other words, we cannot read your files and emails since we do not store the necessary keys to decrypt them. We believe that Zero Trust is the future of cyber defenses, and provides clients with unparalleled security.

Provide a simpler approach to security - We believe that for security to be effective it has to be easy to use. That’s why Sealit natively integrates with tools where your employees and clients already operate. We remove the need for passwords when decrypting emails and files – instead, we use biometrics which is far more secure but also easier to set up and use.

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