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How to manage teams and invitations (Admin)
How to manage teams and invitations (Admin)

In the following article, we will explain how to create a team, organize its structure and add new members

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1. From your Sealit Dashboard, navigate to the Team tab and click on “Add Team” to add a new one

2. To create your team, enter your team’s name. You can also create a team structure by adding a parent team.

3. Once you save the required information, you will see that a new team has been created and it should look this:

4. If you want to Edit or Delete your team’s information, simply click on the options provided on the right side

5. You can delete a team by clicking on the “Delete” button, however, keep in mind that this cannot be undone

6. To send an invitation to the new team members simply click on the “Invite Team Members” button

7. Enter the email of your teammate

8. Click on the invite button and your team members will receive an email to join your team. If by any chance, they didn’t receive it you can click on “Resend Invitation”. In addition, by clicking on the “Edit” button you can also choose to revoke the invitation

9. New team members will appear on the list whether they accepted your invitation or they didn’t process the email yet

10. By clicking on the “Edit” button you can select the team your member belongs to. Given that you have the Admin Privileges, you can change that by simply toggling the “Is Administrator?” button and enabling Admin access for a different member. Once you’ve finished, click the “Save” button, so the required changes are updated

11. You can also choose the “Revoke Access” button, but keep in mind such action cannot be undone. In the end, users will be removed from Sealit, and your group

Once all steps are done you will be all set to organize the structure of your Sealit team

Thank you for using Sealit!

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