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Sharing an idea that doesn't have a patent or legal protection
Sharing an idea that doesn't have a patent or legal protection
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When people have a good idea or invention, they often patent it before they start selling it. A patent is useful because it grants exclusive rights to the inventor to sell that specific invention or idea. This legal protection keeps inventors from being taken advantage of by copy-cat inventions. Patent needs to be discussed with multiple people including the legal team. Unfortunately, sharing the patent online can cause you a huge loss unless you are protected.

Did you know?

Billions of emails are sent daily. But how secure is email?

Turns out, by default—not at all.

The truth is that email is not a secure channel for sending information.  Therefore, you should never send sensitive data or information in an email, whether written in the body or as an attachment.

Email by default is not and was never intended to be a secure mechanism for sending sensitive data. Although you need credentials to log in and access the e-mail in your mailbox, email is by default sent from server to server in clear text that can be read by anyone while in transit.

This can make it easy for the hackers to see the content of your email especially if you are sending sensitive data like a patent that needs to be protected or any other sensitive information about your future product


  • New business idea

  • Changes to an existing idea

  • Business expansion strategy

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