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Sending investors business information
Sending investors business information
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The business world today is a tough one. You not only fight against competitors for sales, but you also go against cybercriminals to secure the confidential information in your business.

Your data is your important business asset. Since it is a critical component of business success and continuity, it is only fair to protect it from exploitation.

Data can range from customer and employee data to investors and other strategies. You need to manage and protect it appropriately to reduce the risk of a security breach that will lead to complications such as lawsuits, reputation damage, and profit loss.

Did you know?

The median loss of a Business Email Compromise was $30,000

95% of Business Email Compromise losses were between ranged up to $984,855

85% of breaches involved the human element

67% of breaches can be attributed to human risk: credential threats, errors, and social attacks

Whether you are sending information about your company stage, financial details, product updates, or any sensitive information that will put your company at risk while communicating with investors or any other parties, using email and file encryption software can take that risk away.

Sealit prevents the possibility of any email conversation getting leaked. Our encryption relies on the Zero Trust security model to make sure your emails and files stay safe forever. Find out more about Sealit here:

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