1. Open your Gmail. If you have installed the Sealit Gmail Add-In then you see the Sealit icon on the right side of the Gmail tab. If not, click HERE to see how you can install the Sealit Add-In for your Gmail address

2. Click on the Sealit icon on the right tab, as shown above, and select compose new email:

Note: You will be asked to sign in to your Sealit account for the first time when you use Sealit Add-In

3. Once you click on the "Compose New Email", you will see an additional pop-up where you can compose your message:

4. Compose your message, and once you’ve finished, simply click Seal & Send. That’s it! The recipient will receive a message like this:

Thank you for using Sealit!
Protecting your hard work

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If you are not able to solve the issue or you need assistance from our representatives, you can chat with us or email us at support@sealit.id

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