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I’m not able to connect my email (I’m using an Apple device)
I’m not able to connect my email (I’m using an Apple device)

If you’re using an Apple device and you are not able to connect your email, in this article we will try to help and solve that issue for you

Updated over a week ago

iPhone – Safari:

  1. On your iOS device, go to settings

2. Scroll down and tap on Safari

3. Open the Safari settings and make sure the the “Block Pop-Up” option is disabled

Make sure that the toggle is turned off

Note: If you’re using any other browser, make sure that this setting is also disabled or allow the pop-up if you receive the notification

MacBook Safari:

If you’re using Safari as your primary browser and you’re trying to connect your email with Sealit but nothing is happening, make sure to allow the pop-up on your browser to be displayed

If you’re using any other browsers, try to disable the pop-up blocker or simply allow through a notification pop-up the window so you can connect your account

Once you allow the pop-up you will be able to sign in and connect your email account with Sealit

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If you are not able to solve the issue or you need assistance from our representatives, you can chat with us or email us at

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