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How to send a Sealit Email via Outlook Online
How to send a Sealit Email via Outlook Online

If you prefer using Outlook via browser instead of an application, you can still send Sealit emails, here is how you can do that

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1. Open your desired browser and go to Outlook Online

2. If you already have the Sealit Add-in for your account, once you compose a message you will see the Sealit icon when you click the three dots where all your add-ins are stored:

Note: If you haven't installed Outlook Add-In you can click HERE to see how you can do that

3. Once you click on the Sealit button, a window will pop-up and it will ask you to sign in for the first time

4. Click Sign In and you will be redirected to authenticate your login via the Sealit Portal. Once you authenticate, the message will automatically be sent to the receiver and that’s it. You have successfully sent an encrypted email via Outlook Online version

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