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Sealit Portal – Overview

In this overview, we are going to show you what features are currently offered within the Sealit Portal.

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To access the Sealit Portal navigate to Sealit and log in to your account


Looking at the dashboard you can see the summary of your account, team, and activity.

From here you have the option to send an encrypted Sealit email

If you click on New Message, you will get an email field ready for your message to be composed and sent via our encryption. You can attach files and send the email to multiple recipients as you would do with any email app

From the dashboard, you also have the ability to quickly decrypt any file

Just click on the file or drag and drop the file inside the quick decrypt box.

You can quickly invite your team via a button from the dashboard. Simply click on the “Invite team members” button and enter the emails to send invites to your team.


Once you are finished click on the Invite and that’s it!

New Alerts filed displays a lot of information and all activity from your team or yourself so you can always track it:


Next to it, there is a Secure Inbox that allows you to view send/received Sealit emails. Simply click on the email and it will be displayed within the Portal.

Going further down the dashboard there is a Security Overview section and it can be displayed in 2 different formats, map view or grid view which shows a list of activities

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Here you can find valuable information that shows all actions regarding your secure files, emails, account etc.

Going through, the side menu there is also a separate email section made for a better overall view of your Sealit inbox. You can read and view emails, download any attachments, and check email subjects and recipients.

Your team management features will be displayed by clicking on the Team icon from the side menu. You can create teams, invite team members, and assign team managers

Note: Creating a team only works for administrator accounts.

The settings section gives you more control of your account. You can customize your account, setting 2FA (2-factor authentication for better security), as well as download the desktop applications and manage billing etc.

Thank you for using Sealit!
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