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How to use Sealit in Outlook using any email service provider
How to use Sealit in Outlook using any email service provider

This article will explain how you can use Sealit with any email provider accounts that are added to the outlook desktop application

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1. If you want to use Sealit with any other email provider account that is connected to your Outlook desktop application you will need to go to Sealit Portal

2. Click on the 2nd step or Setup Email option to connect your email account

3. On the pop-up window select “Don't Connect

Note: Gmail is for the google email platform, but we want to use the Gmail account from the Outlook desktop app.

4. You are going to get a prompt notifying you that your emails will be sent using our default “no-reply” email

5. After confirming your email the following message should appear

6. Click on “Download Outlook Add-in" button

7. The application will download, all you need to do is run it and install it

Note: If your Outlook application is open, please close it or restart it so the application can install properly

7. Let the installer run and finish its installation

8. Open your Outlook application and you will see the Sealit icon now on the menu bar

9. Only when you compose an email for the first time, you will be asked to sign in to your Sealit account. Click on new email and compose your email as usual

10. To send an email, simply click on the “Seal & Send” icon instead of the regular send button

11. You will receive a Sign In window (this will be shown only the first time you send an email)

12. Sign into your Sealit account and approve authorization with your Sealit ID. That’s it you are all set! You can now send encrypted emails with any email service provider you have added to Outlook including Gmail!

Thank you for using Sealit!
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