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How to download and install Sealit File Encryption for Windows
How to download and install Sealit File Encryption for Windows

In this article, you will learn how to install and set up your Sealit File Encryption application for your Windows machine.

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1. Open your browser and sign into the Sealit Portal. Navigate to settings and select “My Settings

Once you select My Settings in the left navigation it will take you to the next window, as shown above then choose Accounts and Devices

2. Click on Download File Encryption as shown with step number 3 above.

3. Click on the Download button as shown in the above picture. The software will begin to download. Once the software is downloaded, run it and you will see the installation process:

4. Once the installation is completed you should receive a window asking you to sign in like this:

Click on sign in and it will open the web browser that will connect with the Sealit portal (it might ask you to authenticate over the phone but since you were already logged in, to download installation, if you did not close the browser window it will not ask you to login again) and a Sealit launch application message will popup

If you do not see the screen like in the image above, you can click on the dark blue button below to launch the application:

The application will launch, and you are ready to encrypt files. Right-click on the file and you will now be able to see Sealit as an option when you right-click on the file that you want to encrypt

That is it. you are all set with the Sealit Desktop application

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