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Sealit ID - Mobile App Overview – Android
Sealit ID - Mobile App Overview – Android

In this article, we will showcase our mobile application functionality and its features

Updated over a week ago

Opening the application presents a screen where you can Scan or Enter the sign-in code to register your account

If you already have an account or want to create a new one you can do that from within the application by pressing the menu button in the top left corner

Once you sign in or register, you will be displayed in the Mail menu. From here you can see your inbox and your sent items

You can also preview your emails and download the attachments if there are any

Alerts menu: Provides key alerts about unusual access to secure data

Activity menu: Shows where secure data is being accessed from and by who with date and time

Accounts menu: You can view which accounts are added and used with Sealit ID. It also displays a 6-digit sign-in code that you can also use to authorize email and file encryption/decryption

Menu (accessed from the top left corner): Additional settings, you can add secondary accounts to your Sealit ID app, access settings, seek help & sign out from your application if needed

That's it for now. More features are coming soon!

Thank you for using Sealit!
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