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How to register an account after you have been invited to Sealit
How to register an account after you have been invited to Sealit

In this article, we will be showing you how to register to the Sealit Portal when your manager or colleague has invited you

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1. You will receive an email from your employee or colleague and the email will contain an invite button

Click “Join” to proceed to the next step

2. You will be displayed with a registration screen, fill in the required information, click the Next Step button and you will be prompted to confirm your identity by entering the code you received to your email

3. Once the code is submitted you will be able to connect your mobile device by scanning the displayed QR code

4. By scanning the code you should see the screen as shown below

5. Tap on Download on the App Store button. You will be redirected to Apple's/Google Play Store

6. Download the Sealit ID app and open it. Once you open the application, you will be signed in automatically and the registration process will be complete

That's it. You're all set.

Note: You might get asked to allow some permissions on your device (click “Yes” to have the application working as intended)

In case you have not registered automatically:

1. Return to your browser and copy the code you have received:

2. Click on copy to clipboard and return to Sealit ID mobile app:

3. Tap on Enter Sign in Code button and paste the code you've copied from the browser.

The registration should be now complete.

Thank you for using Sealit!
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