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Step-by-step guide:

1. Open your web browser and navigate to Sealit. Once you are on the page you will be displayed with a login screen. Click on the button that says “Sign up free” to get started.

2. You will be displayed with a registration field. Simply enter your details and click the “Next Step” button to proceed.

3. Open your mobile camera. Scan the QR code displayed on the screen and open the link you have received

4. Once you open the link, you will receive a page with a Download button. Tap on "Download on the App Store" (or Google Play Store for Android devices) to install Sealit ID mobile app

5. Install the Sealit ID mobile app and open it. You will be signed in automatically

6. Once you open the app, you will receive a welcome screen. Approve the request for Face ID and Notification access to ensure that you can use biometrics to authorize and receive notifications for email or file encryption/decryption

7. On your desktop device, you will receive a screen to invite your teammates. This is optional so you can skip it if you want

8. You will now see the Sealit Dashboard as shown in the image below

9. Step 1 is finished by downloading and setting up the mobile app. Continue to step 2 and connect your email account

10. Click on the “Setup Email” button from Step 2 of the Sealit setup tracker. Choose your email provider to connect your email with Sealit. (for the purpose of this tutorial we are using Outlook email)

To see how to connect your Gmail account, click here

To see how to connect email account via SMTP option, click here

11. Sign in to your email account

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12. Allow permissions if requested to ensure the functionality of the app

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13. To install Sealit add-in to your email account, click on the "Instal Add-In" button

14. You will be redirected to Microsoft Store. Click on the “Get it now” button.

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Note: Microsoft might ask you to sign in to their store for you to download the plugin so just sign in with the email you used for your Sealit account and click on the “Get it now” button again.

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You should see the green icon checkmark that this is successfully added to your account. If that is the case, go back to the portal

11. Once you go back to the portal you will see that Sealit Dashboard is changed. As you can see, steps 1 and 2 are complete

Note: Step 3 will be complete once you send your first email via Add-In

You're all set up to this point. You can now send/receive secure emails and use the portal or mobile app to check on your activity, authorize requests, and download attachments. Sealit File Encryption app is currently available only for Windows

Skip if you don't use Windows

1. Let's download our desktop application (Windows only). Click on the “Download” button. Navigate to Settings and click on Accounts & Devices. Click on "Download File Encryption" and you will receive this window:

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2. Once you click Download, an app will begin to download. Make sure to allow the download if your browser asks you for it

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3. You will see the SealitFileEncryption.exe app where you downloaded it. Double click on the application and it will begin to install

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4. Once the installation is completed you will see this page pop up

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5. Click on the “Sign In” button. This is only required the first time to activate your file encryption. You will be redirected to your default browser

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6. Click on the “Open” or "Launch App" button to connect the application with your account. You will see the following screen and your file encryption is all set

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Thank you for using Sealit!
Protecting your hard work

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