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How to decrypt a Sealit email via Outlook
How to decrypt a Sealit email via Outlook

In this article, we will guide you on how you can decrypt a Sealit email with our Outlook Add-In

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1. You have received a Sealit email in your Outlook application. To decrypt the email you have received, open the email and just click on our "Decrypt Email with Sealit” button.

Note: It might ask you to sign in for the first time, simply log in, click on the Sign-in button and log into the portal, after that, you can close the portal and continue with decrypting and reading your Sealit email.


2. You can choose to Remember me for One day, One week or just authorise with a mobile app and it will decrypt the message just once.


3. A popup within the outlook will appear and it will ask you to confirm the authorisation via mobile device.

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Click Yes and authentication will be approved for you to read the email.

Note: You can use a 6-digit number from the Sealit ID mobile app to authenticate for this type of request if you don’t own a smartphone.

4. On your outlook you will now see the message decrypted.

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That’s it. You are now able to decrypt Sealit emails.

Thank you for using Sealit!
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